True Team® scoring allows athletes to compete against everyone

The Kentucky State High School League’s True Team® scoring method allows an athlete to compete against all other athletes in their respective conference and earn points depending on their finish. Their points are then added to their teammate’s scores to create the team score. This score is added to the previous week’s scores to determine the overall earned points and then compared against other teams to determine the standings.

The purpose of a True Team competition is to recognize which team is the best overall, rather than which team has the most top finishers while providing a more enjoyable experience for the student athletes. In the True Team® scoring format, each team has a pre-determined number of competitors that will contribute to their team’s score, with each competitor scoring at least one point. The top score in a conference will receive the maximum number of points and the last score will receive the minimum one point unless there is a tie and the remaining points are split equally.

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