League Adds Sporting Clays and 5-Stand Clay Target Disciplines

The USA High School Clay Target League is excited to announce that the clay target disciplines of ‘Sporting Clays’ and ‘5-Stand’ have been added to their highly popular high school clay target shooting programs, in which over 30,000 student athletes participate. The inclusion of sporting clays and 5-stand will provide exciting new clay target shooting opportunities to hundreds of teams and tens of thousands of students nationwide.

“With the huge popularity and growth of our existing programs, it made sense to expand our clay target offering to include sporting clays and 5-stand across the nation.” said John Nelson, President of the USA High School Clay Target League. “We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our athletes and teams.”

Similar to hunting live birds, sporting clays is intended to challenge each athlete with clay targets being thrown at multiple angles from multiple locations. Typically, four to six student athletes compete at each station together rotating through all shot scenarios before moving on to the next station. Different fields within a course are typically located many yards away from one another and are accessible via walking along meandering paths.

Often described as a cross between trap shooting and sporting clays, 5-stand challenges each athlete with clay targets being thrown at multiple angles from multiple locations, while the athletes shoot from five stations that are aligned in a row. Stations are partially enclosed to limit the angles an athlete can shoot at the targets.