2023 ALL-STATE Awards!

Congratulations to the individuals below for having the top overall averages for the 2023 Spring League!

Each student listed below will get a special All-State Team Patch!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
ZANE HATFIELDBelfry High School25
TYLER CHANDLERMcCracken County High School25
VAN MOREHEADMcCracken County High School24.8
DRAKE REYNOLDSMcCracken County High School24.8
WES JACKSONMuhlenberg County High School24.8
CAMERON CATCHPOLESpencer County High School24.8
BLAKE HARDYEstill County High School24.7
AIDEN NACEMcCracken County High School24.7
JUSTIN ANDERSONRowan County High School24.6
BELLA MILBURNSpencer County High School24.6
JACOB SMITHTodd County Central High School24.6
MASON JOHNSONButler County High School24.5
XANDER TURNEREstill County High School24.5
ELI GASKAJessamine County High School24.5
ABRAM HARRISRowan County High School24.5
KYLE CATCHPOLESpencer County High School24.5
BRAYDEN STEWARTCarroll County High School24.4
TANNER GUNNJessamine County High School24.4
SHAWN KELLYSouthwestern High School24.2
JOCIE HARRISCarroll County High School24.1
ANNA HELMMcCracken County High School24.1
REECE MILLIGANMuhlenberg County High School24.1
CALEB MILBURNSpencer County High School24.1
RYAN DEWITTCalloway County High School24
ZACK KIDDRowan County High School24
GABRIEL MANNINGSpencer County High School24


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
SHAWN KELLYSouthwestern High School24.2
TANNER GUNNJessamine County High School22.9
LOGAN LAWSONSouthwestern High School22.3
ZACH ODENMarshall County High School21.8
DAWSON JASPERSouthwestern High School21.4